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Coffee Trivia

Did you know?

The largest importer of coffee in the world is (as you'd guess) - the USA.

However, the consumers of coffee in Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) as well as Austria and Holland are the highest per capita in the world - being 8kg and over per year. (The USA is only 3-5 kg per year).

The largest coffee exporter worldwide is Brazil. Followed by Columbia and Vietnam (Source ICO stats 1999).

The most financially dependent country on coffee export as its primary export earner is Burundi at 87% followed by Ethiopia at 69.8%.

Coffee as a beverage is reputed in legend to have originated in Ethiopia where a goat herder noted the vibrant behaviour of his goats and their attraction to the bright red berries of the coffee bush. He soon discovered for himself their attraction and the rest is history.

The first European coffee was sold in Pharmacies in 1615 as a medicine.

The first Parisian coffee house was opened in 1686. 'Le Procope' is still trading.

The Coffee Cantata was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1732.

The first piston pump style espresso machine was developed in 1938 by Cremonesi in Italy and first installed in the Achille Gaggia Coffee Bar.

Coffee is generally only grown between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.