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Spring Snow

Spring Snow

Three white chrysanthemums awaken in a feathery nest of tender green tea budlets.

The flavour is dewy,delicate and as fresh as morning mist.

Jasmine Secret

Jasmine Secret

All is revealed as the ball of green tea opens to reveal a white chrysanthemum and a spray of jasmine.

The bouquet is warm and sensual.


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Larsen and Thompson rare
Chinese flower teas

add water and watch them bloom...

Tea Flowers on Display

Tea flowers are $5.50 each



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Sunset Lilly

Sunset lily

A sudden shower of tiny white petals heralds the birth of an exotic orange lily from a bed of green tea buds.

Light smoky flavour.

Paradise Garden

Paradise Garden

A twist of premium green tea unfurls to reveal a globe amaranth,vivid red against a backdrop of white chrysanthemums.

As fragrant as flowers.

Rose Arbour

Rose Arbour

This bulb of premium green tea unfurls to unveil a pink rose bud and a white chrysanthemum.

Layered floral flavours.


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